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Matt Lager
Matt LagerExecutive Director
KNHS customers believe in their aspiration for homeownership. We owe it to each of them to make their aspirations real. For every customer that wants to do the work, KNHS will help make homeownership happen.

direct: (269) 364-2536

Sharilyn Parsons
Sharilyn ParsonsDeputy Director
KNHS loves partnering with YOU to achieve YOUR dream of HOME ownership.

direct: (269) 364-2535

Gina Cifolelli
Gina CifolelliLending Specialist
A lot of times our customers hear the word “no” when they are seeking loan products for their homeownership goals. Here at KNHS we work harder to help them hear the word “yes” instead.

direct: (269) 364-2541

Dan Drake
Dan DrakeForeclosure Prevention Counselor
I appreciate the opportunity to work with homeowners in our community facing challenging times and helping them find lasting solutions for secure housing.

direct: (269) 364-2546

Trenae Dunigan
Trenae DuniganClient Services Specialist
Being a homeowner and all that comes with it can be exhausting. It is refreshing being a part of an agency where its sole purpose is to offer genuine support to those in need.

direct: (269) 364-2544

Crystal Elissetche
Crystal ElissetcheHomeownership Center Manager
I am proud to work for an agency that values the wisdom in people—and matches that wisdom to concrete financial goals and expertise to foster prosperity in their lives.

direct: (269) 364-2532

Lorelene McLeary
Lorelene McLearyFinancial Coach at Goodwill Industries
KNHS offers education and counseling services to guide people through the process of becoming successful homeowners and gaining financial stability. Ultimately strengthening individuals, families and communities.

direct: (269) 382-0490 x 246

Sonja Roseman
Sonja RosemanFinancial Coach
KNHS provides education and one-on-one coaching, empowering prospective home owners to take control of their financial behaviors. Helping individuals obtain financial and personal sustainability by promoting successful home ownership.

direct: 269) 364-2533

Lauren Simmons
Lauren SimmonsLISC Americorp Pre-development
KNHS is dedicated to connecting aspiring homeowners to safe, desirable housing opportunities in the vibrant and diverse neighborhoods they love.

direct: (269)364-2547

Matt Milcarek
Matt MilcarekConstruction Manager
What homeownership means to me is opportunities.

direct: (269) 364-2538

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